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Abasaad - The Shadows Nepal

Abasaad Guitar Chords And Lyrics By The Shadows Nepal

Song - Abasaad
Artist - The Shadows Nepal

Band's Message

A story of every individual that dwells within. Let's come together and spend some time with the each other sharing each others story.
Life is prolonged struggle for everyone, and everyone has their own way to fight it,  but within that some, some find its hard to take it in.  Let's show love and care to the one needed and ask each other every now and then 'ARE YOU OKAY'.


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Ananta sangarsha bokera abasaad ma

Mero sancho rang haru k bujhchan samaj le yaha

Ma bhitra ko arko manche, ma sanga ladhna khojcha

Malai nai jitna khojcha, ani darauchu ma

Ma bhitra ko arko manche malai nai dabaucha

Ma sangai judhna khojcha, ani darauchu ma


Jo vetchu sodhchan malai k cha mero khabar

Jhukkinchu ma samhalchu tara ma thikai chu

Mera harek yuddha haru, ma eklai nai ladhne garchu

Aafai nai jitne garchu, aafai harchu ma

Mera harek pana haru, andhakar le korne garchan

Ma eklai nai judhne garchu, tara jiudai chu ma


Ma bhitra ko rangamanch ma, ma aafai nai nachne garchu

Ma aafai karauchu, aafai nisasinchu

Ma bhitra ko arko manche, ma sangai ladhna khojcha

Ma sangai judhna khojcha ani darauchu ma


Eklo dimag, eklai sochne dimag

Eklai asakta yo dimag

Eklai apasabda sochne yo dimag

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