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How To Read Guitar Chord Charts/Diagrams



D Major Guitar Chord Chart
Relax if you still don't know how to read guitar tabs or printed music. Guitar chords are often processed in simple outlines like the one in the photo above. The outline is a realistic representation of your guitar fingerboard.

You will frequently notice chords noted as in the diagram above. The six vertical and five horizontal lines symbolize the fretboard of your guitar.


If you are confused by the structure of the picture above, hold the guitar in front of you so that the strings are in front of you and the headstock is facing up. The chord diagram picture indicates a similar view as your guitar, with the strings vertical and the frets horizontally.

The flat line at the highest point of the guitar chord chart is your guitar's nut, the part where the head meets the fingerboard. Each flat line below turns into another fret. six vertical lines each turn into a string left to right EADGBE.

If you are holding the guitar when you are ready to play, the string closest to the top should be the thickest string, the low E. As you play down, you will hit A, D, G, B, and finally the high E.

C Major Guitar Chord Chart
In this graphic, the three black dots show that you need to drive three strings - the A, D, and B strings - on the next fret. The numbers on the black dots let you know which fingers your left hand should use to hold the strings. The fingers of the left hand are numbered from one to four, starting with the Index finger. Your Index finger is number one, Middle finger number two, Ring finger number three, and Pinky finger number four. Sometimes some chords use Thumb also but it's a rare situation. The empty O's represent the open strings. The X's represent the strings that you will not play for the chord. 


Ready to put it all together? Put your ring finger on the third fret of string A, your middle finger on the second fret of string D, and your index finger on the main fret of string B. Be sure to use only your fingertips so as not to touch the strings. Lower each note, in turn, to make sure you take care of each note in an orderly and obvious manner. Congratulations, you have just played a C chord!


So it is super easy to read Guitar Chords Chart if you figure out the basics. Reading guitar tabs is a little bit harder than reading guitar chords charts. We will teach you how to read Guitar Tabs in the next post. So bookmark us, or follow our socials for updates. You don't wanna miss it.

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