Young People at Risk of Hearing Loss for Listening to Loud Music

Young People at Risk of Hearing Loss for Listening to Loud Music
According to a provided data analysis of the available evidence, which was published in the open access journal BMJ Global Health, over 1 billion teenagers and young adults may be at risk for hearing loss as a result of using headphones and earbuds and attending loud music venues.


We comprehend your want to increase the volume as soon as your favorite music begins. But how loud is too loud? A recent study by BMJ Global Health found that excessive music listening among young people, both in live music venues and on personal listening devices, puts about 1 billion of them in danger of hearing damage. In light of their frequent use of personal listening devices (PLDs) like smartphones, headphones, and earbuds as well as their participation at loud music concerts in an environment with lax monitoring and enforcement, young people are especially vulnerable, according to study published in the journal.

"There is an urgent need for governments, industry, and civil society to prioritise global hearing loss prevention by promoting safe listening practices," read the report.

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The study examined "dangerous habits and patterns" or the frequency and duration of "voluntary recreational noise exposure" in "youngsters," defined as those between the age of 12 and 34. These behaviors, which are practiced somewhere between 23.81 and 48.20 percent of young individuals, can cause up to 1.35 billion people to experience hearing problems later in life, including temporary or persistent ear ringing, fluctuations in hearing, and hearing impairment.

The report have further described "loud live music venues" as including not only concerts but also pubs and clubs. These surroundings often have decibel levels between 104 and 112. According to this report, music on Personal Listening Devices is most commonly consumed via headsets at volumes as high as 105 decibels. The researchers estimate that between 0.67 and 1.35 billion teenagers and young adults globally may be at risk of hearing loss based on these figures. In order to avoid potential hearing impairment in the future, it is advised that people adopt better listening habits, like consuming 85 dB for a maximum of 40 hours per week.

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What We Can Do

While blasting music now might be entertaining, it won't be when you have trouble hearing in the future due to the damage. Simple solutions include lowering the level on your audio gadgets. A noise-detecting app can be downloaded to cellphones as one of the many precautions people can take to prevent hearing loss. Additionally, experts advise verifying the audio output settings on all devices and use noise-canceling headphones or donning hearing protection like high-fidelity plugs. You won't need to be concerned that your favorite band will sound muffled because these earplugs can lower noise by up to 22 dB without distorting the quality of the music.

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